How to order...?


What kind of design do you want?

A mosaic can be designed for new buildings in the process of construction, or for those being renovated or refurbished. Whatever your building project, there’s always a way to include a mosaic, indoors or outside. 

If it’s a new build we’ll start with your architect’s plan. If your project is a renovation we’ll work from plans, measurements and photographs. 


Discussing the design and ordering !

We’ll make a site visit, or if that is impractical for any reason, we’ll talk to you via the Internet. Matching client’s wishes with our experience and expertise always generates exciting ideas and possibilities. 

Once a design has been agreed and decisions about materials and colours made, we will calculate precise costs. Subject to client’s final approval the order is then confirmed and a contract signed. The mosaic will be created within the agreed time frame. 


Delivery & Fixation at the final destination

In most cases delivery takes place within 3 – 6 months of the order being placed. A smaller Mosaics may take less time and can be created right away and some major projects can take more than a year to execute. 

All mosaics are made in our own workshop. Pieces smaller than one square meter are made as one panel. Larger designs (e.g. for walls and floors) are delivered in several panels and fixed together on site by our professional staff.