A Noble Product


Our handmade mosaic is created by hand - a slow procedure- and we take the time to care and we work with love for details.  

The mosaics are made from the finest material in the field and set with precision up to the smallest details. 

We go for the best quality and don't accept half work...there is no boundary to our passion, so it's easy to understand that our projects have a soul.  

A Tempting Product


Every time again, over and over, when we create a new mosaic, we learn and discover the endless value of this ancient old craft...over and over again there's something new.   

This endless discovery is the proof of a powerful source and makes that every mosaic has the power to playfully cross the borders -both ways- between ancient traditions and contemporary design,  

Once the mosaic has been fixed at it's final destination, it's going to live it's own life and together with the owner quickly creates a personal conversation that makes it valuable surroundings.

A Limited Product


Every customer is a challenge, a different style. We understand as no others de new luxury of handmade, one of a kind, as it is a unique experience of real personalized services. 

From the very first moment of every project we help our customers to transform it's idea's into ones own unrepeatable  & advanced project.