Ongoing Projects

Exclusive backstage view on ongoing projects !


Here we will be publishing information on our ongoing projects. Images behind the scenes, so you can discover from very close -asif you where the mosaist- how a project turn from a design slowly into a mosaic, welcome.



The Project

Choose one of the selected unique artwork of Bruneau and get it transformed in pure Crystal-glass mosaic, high-end quality and very durable, to color the floor or the wall of your house, inside or outdoors. 

Options and Size

There are 3 options, but you choose the format that fit your needs related to the location where you intend to implement your Bruneau-Mosaic : upto 1 square meter (13 drawings), from one upto 4 square meter (10 drawings) and some starting from 4 square meter (3 drawings), finally designs to reproduce with marble in black and white (3 drawings). For the most demanding customer there's the offer to recreate a mosaic from the largest serigraph ever printed in Belgium of the unique Bruneau's 'MAD AS A HATTER (1991). 

Only once & Unique

This project runs only once and there will be made only one mosaic ever of each drawing, so you own the one time Bruneau mosaic and earn something that will last forever. The quality of the Crystal-glass guarantees a minimum of 500 years resistance, also outdoors!


Before the mosaics will be implemented in their final destination, we will exhibit them all together once (2018, dates will be announced later). As a client you wil receive the mosaic directly after it has been produced and hang it -temporary- as a painting, once the exhibition finished you can deciode where to insert the panel in your inside or outside wall. You can also decide just to keep it as a painting.


Interested in one of the unique mosaics, get in touch with us to discuss the size and to buy it.


Brooklin Bridge Skyline !


Residential Project (Kitchen)



Work in Progress

View at the working table in the workshop, during creation...


Finished View

The final view of the mosaic installed in the kitchen...perfect result, happy people !